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Client: Enjoy - International Summer Camps

Enjoy (changing now into Blublublabla)is a Prague, Czech Republic-based organization that organizes international summer camps for children in Spain, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Poland and the UK oriented to different groups including children and high school teenagers.

With over several interesting and attractive programs spread through out the above mentioned countries, Enjoy offers to organizational leaders, teens, children and parents creative ideas and activities to make the giant leap into high quality unforgettable summer camps.

Website: http://enjoy-edu.org soon moving to http://blublublabla.com/cs/


Task: Visual Identity, Stationary Sets, Outdoor Advertising, Web, Mobile

Since 2017, Enjoy has quickly secured several camps facilities in Europe and are in talks to partner with a third one in UK. With major capital investments made so far, and with an ongoing sustainability in its business model,  Enjoy believed that now was the time to get kids–and their adult leaders–to come to camp, therefore needed to create a very attractive marketing concept and eye catching visual identity that fasten marketing and advertising activities.


The budget was set high and was paid in different installments according to different stages of the project.

Planning - Strategy - Solutions

Visual identity, wearables design, packaging design, apparel design

We concluded through our discovery process, that the competition's branding was categorized in three distinct groups:  fussy resort style, old timey rustic and wannabe corporate. We found out most of the competition used names that were not  enticing the audience’s curiosity or bringing forth the inner child we all have, the story had to be told like a postcard, like a cartoon. The story had to be enjoyable and simple just like a child's world: simple. The brand is changing to Blublublabla and its new website will soon be http://blublublabla.com/cs/ 

What they asked for

Full visual identity, preparation of different promotional items in order to attract larger audiences. 

What we did

Logomark for each camp. Harmonious visual identity as a group to maintain visual integrity in different formats. We prepared designs for t-shirts, website, stationary set ( letterhead, pamphlets, envelopes, business cards, CDs).

Skills used 

  • Art direction
  • Print
  • Visual Identity
    Branding for different apparels such as t-shirts, hats, scarfs, etc
    Website design and development


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