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Client: Miranda Prat Fruit Store

The brand ‘La Fruteria Miranda Prat’ it a unique concept wrapping the luxury food branding concept of a fruit boutique + the coziness of a european store. This fruit store is in a centric area, surrounded by magnificent neighborhood in Spain.

Task: Branding, Visual Identity, Packaging Design

Owners and investors were looking forward to integrating a luxury branding concept as a key positioning objective by providing not only high-quality fruits but also juices and naturally processed meals, smoothies along another natural, organic healthy snacks.


The budget was set very high. Project was set in part. This one was the first phase.

Planning - Strategy - Solutions

Food branding, new visual identity, packaging design

The holistic design of the Miranda store is mainly to sell and display delicious, exotic fruits, including naturally processed, diverse snacks, marmalades, dried and frozen premium items. The store is planning to develop a counter serve concept is order to waiting customers can grab a cup of coffee.

What they asked for

Luxury food branding concept of a fruit boutique + the coziness of a European store. 

What we did

We designed a premium brand that could harmoniously integrate with the cozy store atmosphere which is common in European grocery stores. Regarding colors used. we opted for black and gray dark, white shades to show authority, high quality, and modern look. We took good care of the location where each fruit was located, this included bags, veg boxes, etc. This also included tools used in the value chain such as cars, wagons. 
We created as well the food packaging of other items to be launched together with the store branding. We designed the packaging of different products manufactured by them as well such as marmalades, snacks, coffee, tea, dried fruits, etc., in a way that matches with all other materials created. We looked forward to creating a harmonic atmosphere among all of them.

The reason why we employed dark surfaces was to deliberately highlight the fruits and of course the other different products manufactured by the store which we located inside the store. The lighting was also instrumental to outline finer elements in the whole composition. We looked forward thus to complement the store's layout in a beautiful way.

Skills used 

  • Art direction
  • Print
  • Visual Identity
  • Branding
  • Packaging design

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