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Client: Fast Food - Food & Packaging Branding Design Case

Awesomedia is a full-service branding agency offering food packaging design, branding and visual identity. We deal with different start-ups and large companies with a start-ups mindset such as Fast Good. Fast Good is a line of vegetarian products present in the retail chain through out america. It is the counter effect of the "junk-food-fast food" and its healthy counter part. Fast Good also owns restaurants offering vegetarian and vegan foods. Concept of this is group is that of Healthy fast food-no need to be junk food. Fast Good mean healthy products for the on the go consumption such as fresh salads, nuts, snacks, sweets and frozen items.

Task: New branding creation, new visual identity creation

Fast food investors wanted us to create a healthy concept, a new trend out of the fast food category and create an impacting memorable visual identity to reflect this concept via a new branding creation with logo, slogan, etc. Also they needed a new modern web site with new features.


The budget was set high in order to achieve the best results.

Planning - Strategy - Solutions

What they asked for

Over the past few years healthy products have become a trend around the world and a macro driver influencing the FMCG sector. Up to different research to date, 44 percent of adults from different parts of the world are suffering from food restrictions, whether food allergies or avoidance of ingredients dictate. Fast Good wanted to take a chance on this growing trend by providing a suitable and at the same time ready to eat option for a target that is always on the go. We were asked to develop a whole identity in order to create brand awareness and strive into positioning the concept.

What we did

Awesomedia, Marketing Agency Tampere Helsinki, prepared a holistic marketing tampere service plan, afterwards we developed their visual identity, packaging and diverse promotional items, highlighting the ingredients that were illustrated in watercolor by hand as a hint that everything is prepared using traditional hand crafted materials in order to show the natural approach taken.

Skills used

  • Art direction
  • Print
  • Campaign Identity
  • Creative Strategy

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