Mobile app Branding & Advertising Case: Natural remedies mobile app

Mobile marketing  increase sales and increase loyalty

Client: Home Remedies

Home remedies' mission is to support your health in a fingertip via your smartphone. The mobile application contains all the necessary information as a preventive health tool

Task: Mobile app visual identity

The new visual identity included logo, interface design.


The budget was set high in order to achieve the best results.

Planning - Strategy - Solutions

Mobile app visual branding identity

The idea behind this mobile app is users can find illustrative solutions for different kind of maladies and illnesses right with their mobiles. The customer wanted a mobile platform as part of their marketing strategy.

What they asked for

Client approached to us in order to find out ways to build visual identity of this mobile app.

What we did

For this we prepared several design concepts and arrived into many discussions on which one was the best. We prepared a global branding research in different countries in order to measure the reaction and qualitative parameters of each design. After 7 weeks, we were ready to present the chosen options and immediately the app was released into the mobile app store for its promotion.

Skills used 

  • Visual identity
  • Mobile app development
  • UI interface design

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