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    [icon name="user"][/icon] Client: TipiHop

    TipiHop an Indy-Latin musician who produces a melt of Latin rhythms with a touch of alternative and oriental melodic flares.[/col] [col class="span4"]

    [icon name="tasks"][/icon] Task: Branding, Visual identity, packaging design

    The client asked us to prepare a branding for their music record and a packaging identity for the CD's and other music apparels.[/col] [col class="span4"]

    [icon name="usd"][/icon] Budget:  

    The budget was set medium. Project was set in part. This one was the first phase.[/col] [/row]

    [icon name="lightbulb"][/icon] Planning - Strategy - Solutions

    Creation of a branding, new visual identity, packaging design

    The new visual identity should reflect the ideology and life philosophy of the artist. Therefore, we managed to put the artist himself in this new personal brand.

    What they asked for

    Creation of a new branding, music visual identity and packaging design, other music apparels design such as t-shirts, etc. for the fan base. 

    What we did

     The visual identity and packaging was built to fully capture its unique style and brand. The visual identity and packaging strategically conceptualize an artist image who reflects freedom, game changing and wilderness. The image was tailor-made with a different design embodying his personality, making a name with the power to garner the deserved attention from his target audience, music influencers and industry leaders and thus penetrating and increasing followers and fans base.

    Skills used 

    • Art direction
    • Illustration
    • Print
    • Visual Identity
    • Branding
    • Packaging design.

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