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    [icon name="user"][/icon] Client: Riccus

    Riccus manufactures diversified wheat flour based handicraft products with a family, secret and delicious recipes so delicious that we were all the time eating and licking our fingers! These on-the-go desserts, follow a unique, well preserved and secret recipe for years. [/col] [col class="span4"]

    [icon name="tasks"][/icon] Task: New branding creation, new visual identity creation, packaging design, corporate identity

    Riccus wanted us to create a concept which reflected the family tradition, the warmth of the house and the value behind family values.[/col] [col class="span4"]

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    The budget was set high in order to achieve the best results.[/col] [/row]

    [icon name="lightbulb"][/icon] Planning - Strategy - Solutions

    What they asked for

    The customer was having all their marketing channels locally due to the fact business is a family business of different generations and the new one was looking forward to expanding this to other markets. Customer asked us to prepare a solid brand building strategies marketing and main specifically food branding. The new food branding would cohesion different products including a restaurant branding.

    What we did

    We prepared an all inclusive packaging and healthy products market research and found out the trends and the interest for this type of edibles in certain countries. They were worried that their presence was not as their competitors, either locally based or abroad. The solution was initially solved by remaking all the existing visuals, logos, etc. The concept behind the colors and sketched forms was to give an impression of a handcrafted product, a product slowly and methodically made, like a fine art work. The product is still in the initial stage.

    Skills used 

    • Art direction
    • Print
    • Visual Identity
    • Market research
    • Insights qualitative research

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    Visual Identity For Pastry Bakery Store

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