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Client: Transdiesel del Caribe

Transdiesel del C. is an american company dedicated to the sale and transport of petroleum products, the cleaning of storage tanks for oil, removal of sludge and oily sludge (sludges) boat handling and disposal of waste oils, sanitation and cleaning areas contaminated by oil spills. Services they offer: Installation and cleaning fuel storage tanks, Installing suppliers and / or fuel dispensers, equipment maintenance, fuel supply, analysis and oily waste collection, technical advisory prudente fuel management.

Task: Re-branding, new visual identity, new corporate identity

They asked us to re-brand the company from scratch, in order to smooth the growth and penetrate other markets besides the americas.


The budget was set high in order to achieve the best results.

Planning - Strategy - Solutions


What they asked for

TDC founded in 1998 with the purpose of distributing fuel throughout USA, began operations with a small number of trucks distributing a minimum amount of fuel, with a small customer base, whose only service was the fuel supply. Within a short period of time TDC grew from being a small team distribuiting to the nearest ports and cities to one of the largest wholesale distributors of hydrocarbons, expanding its line of services and products to the sale of black fuels. Due to this growth, it was important to have an international face. TDC offers a service of technical advice, equipment maintenance, engineering, car rental transportation and heavy equipment.

They asked us to re-brand the company from scratch, in order to smooth the growth and penetrate other markets besides the americas. 

What we did

TDC sort of had a vague idea of what was next in their business growth, however, they were clueless when the branding planning came up. Thankfully they found us in internet and the whole process started.  We started by having a proper insight with board of directors and CMO in order to discuss and collect insights, data and information. We secured the domain as soon as possible, although the original was already taken and were selling them with 6 figures price. We procceeded to work on the logo, after many attempts we made it. They reviewed it with TDC team and it was awesome. Clean, simple, clean, and stunning according to them. Just exactly what they were looking for.

We all put our mind, heads and hearts up and only focused on delivering the best result possible, for almost 8 weeks in a row. By the end of week 9, we had built a totally new brand, we prepared a brand new business model for them, a new web, iOS, Apple Watch, Android apps and a full Content Marketing Strategy, all this from scratch; we did all this with a team of four engineers, two designers, two art creative and professional writer.

Skills used

Art direction
Campaign Identity
Creative Strategy
Content Marketing Strategy
Web design and development
Mobile app application development
Business consultancy and coaching 


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Petroleum Company

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