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Petr Behavy – Brand Strategy Consultants and Design Services

Visual and brand identity design 

Client: Petr Behavy Consulting Services

Petr Behavy Consulting Agency is a Poland based business consultancy company that works with companies and organizations through out a wide spectrum of industries such as startups, mid-sized, super-star brands to niche businesses and non-profits, providing top notch international consultancy services. 


Task: Visual Identity, Various Promotional Designs

Petr Behavy Consulting Agency wanted to create a more modern brand according to the current markets demands and international parameters. More specifically the international market. Petr was clear that it must still be a Czech local brand but with the power to compete with already globally positioned ones. Petr Behavy a leader in its field and a trend setter in its local Prague, Poland, they wanted to transmit these same local values to a broader audience.


The budget was set high and was paid in different installments according to different stages of the project.

Planning - Strategy - Solutions

Visual identity, wearables design, packaging design, apparel design

Working in association with Awesomedia Prague, the awesomedia methodology was utilized to help direct the advancement of Petr Behavy refreshed new visual personality and logo. Awesomedia at that point worked with the GMs to create BU specific narratives, visual character related, product messaging aligned to the new recently created brand strategy.

What they asked for

Full visual identity and preparation of different promotional items. 

What we did

Awesomedia worked with Petr Behavy to recognize business development openings that would all the while drive business effect and assemble attractive values for the brand. Petr and Awesomedia led quantitative and qualitative research that slowly but steady helped define the new brand value.

The examination approved the brand equity model, and distinguished key brand offer and potential buy drivers. Further shopper's behavior research yielded various high potential development stages and classifications which had the capacity to help to create the new identity. brand image values and further corporate branding, service positioning, and to additionally separate Petr Behavy from its competition. 

Skills used 

  • Market research
  • Art direction
  • Print
  • Visual Identity

Logo as part of the branding identity development of a business consulting agency

  • promotional items design visual identity for business consultancy agency

apparel promotional design visual identity for business consultancy agency

apparel design visual identity for business consultancy company

Visual identity development stationary

visual identity services for consultancy agency

Nonprofit Branding Agency: Helpaniola study case

Mural designed as part of the Branding Communications and Marketing for Nonprofit 

Client: Helpaniola Non Profit Organization

Helpaniola  foundation is a German based non-profit and non-governmental organization. Helpaniola was founded by a group of young, dynamic and committed individuals in 2016. Their main mission is developing poor communities in remote areas of the planet, by alleviating poverty and creating sustainability in those impoverished areas.  

Helpaniola foundation is mainly involved in humanitarian activities enhancing living standards of underprivileged people in distant, remote and poor areas such as small towns, villages, hidden valleys, etc. Helpaniola is slowly but steady leading different projects including health, education, sanitation, water, child care, human rights, environment, women’s empowerment also providing support to discriminated and disadvantaged community groups such as people with disabilities, abandoned and orphaned children. 


Task: Branding, Visual Identity, Packaging Design

Helpaniola founders were looking forward to bringing forth a brand that is friendly, a brand that provides a hand to the needy one. In a nutshell: A hand that helps. They wanted to focus the identity in different categories with an emphasis first in orphaned and abandoned street kids and then go on with other activities.


The budget was set very medium and was paid in different installments according to different stages of the project.

Planning - Strategy - Solutions

Visual identity, wearables design, packaging design, apparel design

Helpaniola wanted to impact by using different channels. They were interested in involving more millennials as well besides the traditional target.

What they asked for

Full visual identity and preparation of different promotional items as an aid for their marcom. 

What we did

We designed a brand that is friendly, accessible and with a clear message. 

The symbol of the hand and the messenger pigeon reflects the remote help our people in need of remote, distant and poor areas receive via Helpaniola. Green colors relate with hopeness, that hope that is a motivation for people in need.

Skills used 

  • Art direction
  • Print
  • Visual Identity
  • Packaging design
  • Apparel design
  • Mobile app design
  • Website front end design
  • Corporate design (stationary, office, promotional advertising and marketing materials to promote the NGO across different targets and territories)

wall design for marketing and advertising

promotional marketing materials in non profit organization

Mobile app design, part of the Non governmental organization visual identity

corporate visual identity for Helpaniola NGO

apparel's advertising marketing

corporate visual identity using stationary and promotional items

outdoor display design for non governmental organization

packaging design with a strong visual identity for a non governmental organization


Artists & Musicians Branding Services in Helsinki: TipiHop Case

Branding Services for artists music producers and bands



Client: TipiHop

TipiHop an Indy-Latin musician who produces a melt of Latin rhythms with a touch of alternative and oriental melodic flares.

Task: Branding, Visual identity, packaging design

The client asked us to prepare a branding for their music record and a packaging identity for the CD's and other music apparels.


The budget was set medium. Project was set in part. This one was the first phase.

Planning - Strategy - Solutions

Creation of a branding, new visual identity, packaging design

The new visual identity should reflect the ideology and life philosophy of the artist. Therefore, we managed to put the artist himself in this new personal brand.

What they asked for

Creation of a new branding, music visual identity and packaging design, other music apparels design such as t-shirts, etc. for the fan base. 

What we did

 The visual identity and packaging was built to fully capture its unique style and brand. The visual identity and packaging strategically conceptualize an artist image who reflects freedom, game changing and wilderness. The image was tailor-made with a different design embodying his personality, making a name with the power to garner the deserved attention from his target audience, music influencers and industry leaders and thus penetrating and increasing followers and fans base.

Skills used 

  • Art direction
  • Illustration
  • Print
  • Visual Identity
  • Branding
  • Packaging design.

brand positioning strategy for musician artists bands




Branding Services for musicians bands


music branding development strategy for artists musician





Branding For a Startup Marketing Firm

graphic logo design agency


Client: In genio Marketing Consulting Firm

In genio is a marketing consultancy firm that provides marketing consultancy to startups and mid-small businesses.

Task: Visual identity

The new marketing company launched in 2016, the needed a new visual identity for the whole company. 


The budget was set high in order to reach the goals and more.

Planning - Strategy - Solutions

New visual identity 

The firm wanted to focus on startups and small businesses, therefore needed a visual identity that reflected affordability, friendliness and easy to start marketing kit

What they asked for

A new visual identity that cohesion different parameters both as the marketing firm but also a friendly design that conveys trust, reliability and amiability. 

What we did

Awesomedia opted in to align a glocal (global + local) identity that encompasses In Genio’s vision to grow its reputation for innovation & compelling customer relationship management. The whole visual identity work covered a refreshed logotype warm and friendly color palette and of course a Nordic styled minimal and simple visual system.

In Genio’s main mission and vision is to become a world-class consumer marketing firm, with a focused objective to be a consumer driven innovation company that create strong brands in the startup world. We created a brand that ignites powerful exciting and differentiating brand experiences consistent and harmonious throughout the consumer touch point.

Awesomedia created a logo with sharp and defined shapes, clean and clear, maximizing this way its visibility and impact. We created a custom and modern sans serif font to be distinctive and evocative of the shapes of the brand symbol. The design also evokes a modern appearance due to the palette of oranges and beiges so it stands out in all the customer experience process starting with a phone call or email.

Skills used 

  • Art Direction
  • Print
  • Visual Identity
  • Graphic Design

graphic design for a marketing agency

graphic design display identity for a marketing firm

logo design for a marketing company


Nonprofit marketing services Helsinki - Case: Igualando

Brand Identity Services For NGO Social Marketing Europe


Client: Igualando

This NGO was looking forward to promoting gender equality in different parts of the world, especially third world countries where education levels are very low. As part of UN Igualando needed a concept and a full data driven work to create brand awareness. [/col] [/row]

Planning - Strategy - Solutions

What they asked for

United Nations has been promoting gender equality in different parts of the world, especially third world countries where education levels are very low. The international board decided give it a go into a wider scale and undergo a marketing and branding campaign focusing in creating awareness. They thought this type of problem would be known not only local but globally as well via a marketing campaign via a global branding and corporate marketing agency.

Thanks to this marketing and branding campaign, it was achieved: The establishment of a model of gender equality between firms and organizations in the country to increase competitiveness and promote actions and policies at public and private levels to eliminate gender gaps and increase the participation and equal employment opportunities between women and men.

What we did

Awesomedia, Marketing Agency Tampere, Helsinki developed a product branding strategy concept where the youth could speak, act and become promoters of gender equality, messengers of inclusiveness and opportunity for men and women. From a marketing perspective we managed to create a campaign to promote workshops to counter this gender imbalances in curriculum areas. The organization wanted us to create strong messages in order to encourage women into more technical professions that are still considered to be for men, such as engineering, construction or science professions. We managed to implement partnerships with other women's organizations and structure official introductory courses in the above mentioned professions which at the same grab the interest of a shy young girls group. We also managed to promote careers to young men, that were considered to be for women such as day care teachers, kindergarten care teacher, etc.

Awesomedia also implemented an integrated campaign in order to recruit students. We used advertising, offline and online campaigns, literature, media, and different events. The campaigned promoted a wide range of diversity issues such as gender, but also race and age.

Skills used

  • Art direction
  • Print
  • Design
  • Branding and visual identity
  • Campaign Identity
  • Offline and online marketing

global local brands

visual identity services global marketing


 equality branding strategies for ngos


branding services for ngos




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