Water Storage Tank Visual Identity: Hercules


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Client: Hercules Water  Storage Tanks

Hercules water storage tanks is a manufacturer of water storage tanks and related commodities.

Task: Branding from scratch, new visual identity

Hercules is a premier tank brand with a full range of domestic, industrial and customized categories. During the years Hercules tanks has gained a strong reputation due to its quality, durability and the household icon developed through the years.


The budget was set very high in order to achieve the best results.

Planning - Strategy - Solutions

What they asked for

Client wanted to show their water storage tanks were stronger than the competition. Client wanted a new visual identity and a new product visual identity. A concept that could be able to expand to other targets in order to launch other related ones. They needed a new identity able to cut through. They wanted a concept easy to manage and handle by the marketing and advertising teams.  

What awesomedia did

We created a concept (Hercules + El Fuerte-means The Mighty) that connects it with their target and at the same time with a fresh, modern and innovative branding and visual identity turn around. The tanks comes in different categories such as Lldpe, round, square, white, sintex. Company also provides chemical storage tanks & industrial containers. 

Skills used 

  • Art direction
  • Print
  • Branding
  • Product identity
  • Package design

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