Heart and Alliance International

Heart and Alliance International

Client: Heart & Alliance NGO

Heartland Alliance helps those in need find more than just shelter. We help find a residence that is safe and well managed; that honors their diverse backgrounds and needs; that is wrapped in services and support for those who have struggled with homelessness.

Task: Re-branding, visual identity

Heartland Alliance founders asked us to develop a new visual identity for the group. A new identity that represents the core values, mission and vision and this way the message reach faster and to a broader audience.


The budget was set high in order to achieve the best results.

Planning - Strategy - Solutions

We created the soul of the Heart and Alliance International's spirit, reincarnated in the brand. The visual identity stress the need to act and help. The branding advertising strategy having as a main foundament: Housing, Health and Human Care now expresses the soul of its mission and vision at every touch point. 

Skills used:

Alliance International

Heart International

Heartland Alliance International

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visual identity and print work NGO

health caring center

caring center

Heart and Alliance International