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    [icon name="user"][/icon] Client: Abonap

    ABONAP is a banking & investment group located in the americas with a solid family-like tradition across LA.[/col] [col class="span4"]

    [icon name="tasks"][/icon] Task: Re-branding, visual identity

    The bank owners, shareholders and senior management were convinced what was needed was a fresh, updated holistic bank branding strategy and a new visual identity work (more below).[/col] [col class="span4"]

    [icon name="usd"][/icon] Budget:  

    The budget was set in parts. Current part is phase II.[/col] [/row]

    [icon name="lightbulb"][/icon] Planning - Strategy - Solutions


    What they asked for

    The bank found out that quite many financial institutions are (including them) struggling to achieve a solid ground sustainability from touchpoint to the next. Importance of branding in banking, branding of banking products were pondered. The owners, shareholders and senior management were convinced what was needed was a fresh, updated holistic bank branding strategy and visual identity work which links everything together. 

    What Awesomedia did

    The first step was to switch from old bank branding strategies with new, updated and fresh ones. We created campaigns to promote different products. We created promotional events such as every enrolled customer has the chance to win bonuses and rewards every time customers set up a loan with the bank. This special bonus program was addressed to all the customers that are using primarily cards that has the logo MasterCard. the customers and new prospects can gain bonus points when using the cards either online or offline. We started showing this new identity via the promotion of a fair held through out the whole country. The purpose of this campaign besides letting know this new identity was also to generate prospects and leads. 

    Skills used

    • Art direction
    • Print
    • Branding of banking products
    • Lead generation and B2B sales

    More here ABONAP

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