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    Who Are We

    About branding agency

    Awesomedia is a brand design agency from Scandinavia. We are a brand identity design, brand strategy agency with passion for brands!

    Our goal is to help you build or remake your startup, medium size or large corporation b2b brand strategy via a holistic brand identity development looking forward to developing brand strategies ready to go global. Our philosophy is: Strategies of branding must cohesion basic decision, vision/values/codes, corporate identity, corporate brand and instruments of the firm both as a self-portrayal of firm’s managers, stakeholders, investors and in the other hand as a consistent picture in the mind of your target groups, employees, stakeholders, end users, customers, etc.  

    Corporate Brand is a consequence of top management, and its ability to filter out the characteristics of the corporate identity and to propagate these among the relevant stakeholder groups. It forms the interface between the self-portrayal and the internal/external perception of the organization. Following positions of a CB within the brand architecture of an organization could be viewed.

    The perception of the corporate brand is the Corporate Image as defined by the subjective assessment, decoded by the target groups, of the signals transmitted by the corporate brand. The CI can be regarded as the spontaneous composed picture formed of an organization in the minds of its stakeholder groups. Corporate Reputation, constitutes a rather more conscious assessment of the attributes and characteristics of an organization.

    Advertising marketing agencies, international advertising agencies, marketing communications agencies must take this in mind when developing a brand awareness strategy or branding of a product. Always remember that branding of a company, developing its brand identity or brand name strategy requires that that brand advertising company can effectively use the magical crystal ball of the corporate brand solutions.

    Our headquarters are in Tampere Finland, with studios in Spain, United States, Denmark, Sweden and Norway, we are a team of 14 people consisting on designers, creative directors, web and augmented-visual reality developers, film and radio creative, content managers, digital manager and management who are also responsible for the key accounts.

  • Cafes and Restaurants Branding Services Helsinki: Gopal Restaurant


    indian restaurant branding


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    [icon name="user"][/icon] Client: Gopal Indian Restaurant

    Gopal Restaurant is a group of cafes and Indian restaurants, with an upbeat melt of south indian vibe, decoration style and exquisitely spicy food.[/col] [col class="span4"]

    [icon name="tasks"][/icon] Task: Branding, visual identity, packaging design

    The client asked us to prepare a somewhat vintage yet elite visual identity. Client asked us to build branding for an on the go consumption packed products serie.[/col] [col class="span4"]

    [icon name="usd"][/icon] Budget:  

    The budget was set high in order to achieve the best results, packaging design was implemnted and corporate identity for the restaurant installations.[/col] [/row]

    [icon name="lightbulb"][/icon] Planning - Strategy - Solutions

    Branding, visual identity, packaging design

    Because of the huge increasing demand for this type of food, Gopal Restaurants decided was a good time to renew its branding and to start reinventing itself by offering on the go consumption healthy food. The restaurant is also trying to conquer a special niche (healthy, vegetarian food).

    What they asked for

    Gopal is a indian restaurant chain present in India, USA and EU. We started by creating a holistic approach for all the restaurants. The client asked us to prepare a somewhat vintage yet elite-modern visual identity. Client also asked us to build branding for an on the go consumption packed products serie. 

    What we did

    The simple design invoking the lively, rich Indian culture was employed to align the meaning of the word Gopal which in sanskrit (one of the oldest languages of the world) cow protector (गो (go) "cow" and पाल (pala), strength, tenderness, expansion of the conciousness, growth and the restaurant business itself. The exotic cultural heritage behind the business was key factor for the corporate identity. The owners also asked us to work on a serie of snaks and edibles to be sold in kiosks, train stations, food courtyard and snack bars, this as a contribution to the health of people having a busy life.

    Skills used 

    • Art direction
    • Marketing
    • Print
    • Visual Identity
    • Branding
    • Packaging design.

    Restaurant branding rebranding marketing and advertising restaurant branding


    branding for vegetarian restaurant take away

    branding for vegetarian restaurant packed food 


  • Web & Social Media Services Tampere

    responsive web design in Tampere
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    B2B, B2C & Digital Branding 

    social media services in tampere


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    We mix data experts, analytics, fashionistas, developers, web designers-developers, advertisers, creatives and film producers to develop your branding in the digital world. building an acquisition strategy around four pillars: content, hashtags, bots and a KOL [key opinion leader] strategy  

    According to Hubspot, companies undergo into inbound strategies social media generate 67% more leads per month than those that don’t.

    61% of global Internet users research products online. (Interconnected World: Shopping and Personal Finance, 2012)
    44% of online shoppers begin by using a search engine. (Interconnected World: Shopping and Personal Finance, 2012)
    On average, we conduct 12 billion searches per month on the web in the United States. (Comscore, July 2014)
    The average click-through rate for paid search in 2010 (worldwide) was 2%. (Convario, January 2011)


    Augment the estimation of the exchange
    Expansive target showcase
    Product driven
    Single stride purchasing process, shorter deals cycle
    Brand identity created through redundancy and symbolism
    Point of purchase activities and merchandising
    Status, desire, or price emotional influence buying decision


    Relationship driven
    Expand the estimation of the relationship
    Little, engaged target advertise
    Multi-step purchasing process, longer deals cycle
    Brand identity sustained via personal relationship
    Instructive and mindfulness building activities
    Judicious purchasing choice in light of business esteem


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